The Right Thing to Do

Killing wild animals for sport and trophy display was popularized in the mid 1800s by predominantly male hunters.  It glamorized killing as a way to demonstrate virility, dominance and prowess.  Things have changed since 1850.  For one thing, we know a great deal more about the intelligence and emotional life of Grizzly Bears.  They experience…


How do you describe the face of a Grizzly Bear?  It’s an impossible question.  Here’s why: The face of a Grizzly Bear is – all of the above.  And more ….. in the moment ….. Photo credits with thanks to: Bob Benvenuti, Charlie Russell, Jamie Scott,  Jim Lawrence (, John E. Marriott (, Steve Williamson…


Is there a future for B.C. Grizzly Bears? “As a paradigm shift in thinking, feeling and acting … we must be bold, proactive, positive, passionate and persistent.” ~ Marc Bekoff 2015 ~ Teetering on the edge of provincial politics, economy, ecology and ethics, the B.C. grizzly hunt holds a mirror to British Columbians’ values. Retiring…


Image used with direct permission of the artist, Robert Bissell.   Description: Bear figures dominate the visual space of the art, with some featured prominently in the foreground and many others emerging from the background in a seemingly endless stream coming towards the viewer out of the water.  The soft muted blue colour gradient highlights…

The lens of choice

Bear viewing and bear killing cannot exist in the same locations OR in the same value system. They are antithetical.

Peaceful Coexistence

Grizzly Bears and people live in peace where there is the will, knowledge and understanding to do so.

Natural Liberty

Grizzlies deserve the right to live as they have for thousands of years.