Keep BC Grizzlies on the radar!

This is Amber.  At the time of this photo she is three years old, still living in her Mom’s range and making her way in life as her Mom taught her to do.  If she has cubs now, she will be doing the same for them.  Amber asks that you write the Premier and MLAs letting them know that we are watching for more substance of policy.  Cards, emails and letters get noticed so we have to keep this in front of political noses!  Things are quiet right now but we can’t fade into the background until the next crisis or election.  Short notes are perfectly fine; what we need is volume!  Here is mine as a sample to draw from, using your own words.

Dear …………………………….

On April 1st 2017, Justice for BC Grizzlies held a rally at the BC Legislature deploring the first day of the BC grizzly hunt.  It was a solemn occasion addressed by First Nations, BC politicians and well-informed British Columbians.  April 1st 2018 is different.  Thank you, again, for listening to the people and ending the grizzly hunt.  Science and ethics are now working together on this decision.  We’re asking you to keep in mind the volume of petitions, pledges, social media campaigns, films, press conferences, public interviews, articles, Op-eds, reporting, surveys, documentaries, presentations, peer-reviewed research, plus emails, individual and signatored letters that you received leading up to your December 2017 decision to end the hunt.  This remains a voter issue.  We continue to watch for increased funding for species protection and habitat conservation throughout the province. 



Contact information for MLAs



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