Ambassador Grizzlies

Grizzly Bear in her morning bath

Lady Madonna, Grizzly of grace and elegance

Lady Madonna is a hard working single mom who moved with grace and elegance, never losing the air of one well born, well bred and dignified.  When pausing for this portrait , her two playful cubs were in their second year.  Some bears seem to be born ambassadors who want to communicate with us.  A look into her face and wise eyes leaves us in awe of all she must know about her world, wishing we could tag along, learn her language, and acquire some bear wisdom.

Lady Madonna was out and about during the Spring 2015 hunting season and was not seen along the river during the autumn fish run.  Being a wise bear, we hope she was just staying out of sight of hunters and other threats, providing for her family on limited range, and want to believe that she led her cubs to the alpine for the winter.

Photo credit, with thanks, to  Jim Lawrence
Grizzly Bear named Apple
Apple – Blushing Beauty

This lady, known as Apple, has an expressive face that seemed to blush when asked permission for a photo.  Her smiles were unmistakable as were expressions of concern, stress or blatant curiosity.  Apple had a penetrating stare.  *I think “bear sense” enabled her to read my intentions in a heartbeat and I swear she could look deep into my soul.*noted by the photographer

Apple disappeared during the cursed trophy hunt of 2014.  All indications were of her being in good health and tending two second year cubs.  A distinctive scar on her nose allowed for certain identification and she was believed to be about 16 when she disappeared.

Hearing of Apple and her disappearance reinforces the importance of working to achieve justice for BC’s Grizzly Bears.

Photo credit, with thanks, to Jim Lawrence

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  1. Cyndi Fought says:

    I’ld like to sign any petitions you have that will help the Grizzlies and I’m willing to share on Face book, if you’ll just point me in the right direction….Thank you………


    1. Hi Cyndi
      Thanks for commenting. Sharing on Facebook is a big help. Thank you. And please urge everyone to Take the Pledge at This will get BC voters throughout the province talking to one another and to political candidates about ending this unjust hunt of our BC grizzlies.


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