November 2017

Letters, articles and facilitation of advocate’s meetings with MLAs to end the grizzly hunt province-wide 

October 6 2017

Submission to government on the grizzly hunt for meat proposal

Sept 26 2017

Submission to government on the grizzly trophy hunt ban


July 13 2017


During this transition time, we communicated with our political allies to keep the grizzly hunt top of mind.  We sent thank you or congratulations cards, by surface mail, to the NDP and Green leaders, plus to any MLAs with whom we felt connected.


Premier John Horgan                              

Room 201, Parliament Buildings                                                                              

Victoria, B.C.

V8V 1X4

* * * * * * * * * *

Dr. Andrew Weaver                                                                                                     

Leader, BC Green Party                                                                                               

#219 – 3930 Shelbourne St.                                                                                         

Victoria, B.C.                                                                                                                   

V8P 5P6                                                                                                                 

April 1 2017

Speakers at the Rally for BC Grizzlies (Val Murray)  (Donna Johnson)  (Trish Boyum) (Jens Wieting) (Sonia Furstenau) (Bryce Casavant) (Jordan Reichert)

BC Rally Poster.jpg

January 18 2017

Launch of the Justice for BC Grizzlies survey to BC political candidates

Launch of the Thunderclap social media campaign

Mentored Grizzly Girls from Glenlyon Norfolk School for their interview on Animal Voices program

November 20 2016

Working group meeting in Vancouver

November 7 2016

Attendance at the launch of Lush Cosmetics documentary TROPHY – in Vancouver

October 20 2016  

Presentation to the Grizzly Bear Foundation

October 14 2016

Val Murray, Radio interview on Animal Voices: Vancouver Co-op Radio, CFRO, 100.5 FM.  To listen to the program, titled “Trophy Hunting Across the Globe    CLICK HERE

September 28 2016  

Presentation to the Auditor General’s office 

September 13 2016

Press Conference, with guest of honour CHARLIE RUSSELL

Across the street from the Sylvia Hotel, 1154 Gilford St. Vancouver, B.C.

The conference was held at English Bay, from 10-11 A.M.  Speakers included Charlie Russell, who is a foremost authority on the true nature of Grizzly Bears. He has lived with and studied grizzlies in Canada, Alaska and Russia.  His experience compels us to understand the deep nature of these bears; and to treat them with respect and an ethic of care.


Charlie Russell and Grizzly friend – Communing” (Charlie Russell, Guest)

August 17 2016

CBC Almanac interview, by Chris Walker
Val Murray (Justice for BC Grizzlies)    
Kyle Artelle (Raincoast Conservation Foundation)    
Jessie Zeman (BC Wildlife Federation)

August 9 2016

Citizen’s meeting in Victoria, BC

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