Call to Action

The call for November/December 2017

Now is the time to send cards, letters or emails to government executives who will be formulating grizzly hunt policy, which will be put forward for debate after the holidays.  I am sending input by surface mail, copied below FYI, and ask that you also communicate your input to the Premier, Ministers and MLAs.

Dear …………………

Knowing the bears will soon be safe in their dens is a big relief.  It’s constantly stressful to think of them caught in the sights of hunters’ weapons, suffering and dying for no good reason.  With that in mind, there is a chance now for the NDP to fully acknowledge the shift in societal values that drove your decision to end grizzly trophy hunting in the first place.  A “sustenance hunt for grizzly bear meat”, conducted under the same allocation system as defined by the Liberal government, does not fulfill the promise that was called for.

Two recent articles clearly express the united voice of people advocating for a complete ban on grizzly hunting province-wide (see references below).  This united voice comes from many people like myself who believe in the standards of NDP leadership.  We are your support base.  We call on you to heed the principles of environmental ethics and do the right thing for BC Grizzly Bears; make BC grizzly hunt free.

1.  End all grizzly-bear hunting throughout B.C., Times Colonist, Nov.12/172.

2. Open Letter to the BC Government opposing the Grizzly Bear “meat hunt”,

Send to:

Minister of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations

Minister of Environment and Climate Change Strategy

Premier BC NDP ~

All BC MLAs contact information ~





Special Notice – October 7/17

The BC government is asking for public input on regulation changes to their proposed grizzly trophy hunt ban.   This input is being specifically directed toward 5 points, these being : #1 – what to do about areas overlapping the Great Bear Rainforest; #2,3,4 – ways to enforce the ban on possession of “grizzly bear parts”; and #5 – how to regulate reporting by taxidermists.  These five areas are outside the expertise of most British Columbians to comment upon, plus the five areas for comment assume that the public are in agreement with government’s proposal that “a sustenance hunt for grizzly meat will continue for both resident and non-resident hunters” (from Policy Intent Discussion Paper, attachment 3).     

British Columbians should be consulted on this proposal to continue killing Grizzly Bears for a supposed “sustenance meat hunt”.

Please read the open letter at:  and submit your comments based on that information.  

Comments should be directed to:




Taking further action for BC Grizzly Bears is easy, every day.

1. Learn more about BC Grizzly Bears’ lives and the challenges that they face here.

2.  Talk to friends, neighbours and others that you meet. Surprisingly, many people are not even aware that Grizzly Bears are killed in a lottery hunt, twice a year, in British Columbia.  You can help spread awareness.

 3.  Call your MLA – ask them where they stand on the grizzly hunt and let them know that this is a provincial issue that needs their continued attention.

4.  Write to Premier John Horgan, Minister Doug Donaldson and your own MLA. Short messages from many people get noticed!  Please share this link on social media.


August 15 2017: First day of the Fall grizzly hunt

The announcement that Grizzly Bear trophy hunting will end on November 30 2017, brings our new NDP government a step closer to doing the right thing for BC grizzlies.  It’s good news; but it’s not an end point.  At this stage, the announcement states:

  • No hunting at all of grizzlies in the Great Bear Rainforest

  • Hunting grizzlies for meat in the rest of the province but no legal possession of head, hide or paws (trophy parts) 

We will only celebrate when Grizzly Bears are exempt from all legal killing anywhere in the province.  Policy has not yet been written outlining mechanisms by which new practices will be regulated, so we watch closely as further announcements are released. 

Your cards, letters, and email messages have all helped to move this along.  Thank you so much.  A few short sentences to the Premier, Minister and NDP MLAs, as indicated below, will help to keep it moving.

A simple message to government:

Dear __________________

Thank you for following through on your campaign promise to end Grizzly Bear trophy hunting.  It is definitely a step in the right direction.  A full ban would be more consistent, less costly to implement and would have full support of the majority of British Columbians. Grizzly Bears in every part of the province deserve the same respect as those who live in the Great Bear Rainforest.    




Premier John Horgan                              

East Annex, Parliament Buildings                                                                              

Victoria, B.C.                                                                                                                  

V8V 1X4

(250) 387-1715


Honourable Doug Donaldson, Minister

Forests, Lands, Natural Resources Operations and Rural Development

Room 248, Parliament Buildings

Victoria, B.C.

(250) 387-6240


To contact other B.C. MLAs go to:






6 Comments Add yours

  1. James Dodds says:

    Thank you for your efforts to end this hunt. Very concise and well said. Like many people I have signed petitions and done what I could to oppose this but the government has just ignored the overwhelming majority of voters in this province.for years now. Very frustrating and I feel the protest must be ramped up. Has the NDP come out with a position on the grizzly hunt, I am not sure? They certainly have not been very vocal on this issue. I will write to my MLA and the premier to express my opposition.


    1. Thanks very much for your comments, James and for writing to your MLA and the premier. Now is the time to keep the pressure on, working up to the general election. The NDP have not come out with a statement yet. I’m in close communication with my MLA as well on this issue. Keep up the good work. Many people are coming together for the Grizzly Bears and we’re not going to give up!


  2. georgia hunter says:

    Today I wrote three (snailmail) letters, put each in an envelope and sent them to the politicians listed on this website. It only took 30 minutes of my time! Not much time out of my life to (hopefully) save the life of a grizzly bear.


    1. Well done, Georgia!!!!! This is exactly what we need! I cannot thank you enough. See if your friends around the province will do the same (not asking for much, I know, but as you say it is for the bears). Best, Val



    I wish you would care for your animals and stop being cruel and barbaric


  4. Barry Faires says:

    Stop the murder of Grizzlies for any reason!


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